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This page contains forms and documents to assist our constituents in doing business with PRA. Please contact us if you have any questions about these resources.

General Resources

Developer Tips – How to Partner with PRA:  This guide explains some important policies and procedures for developers seeking to do business with PRA.

Resources for Neighborhood Business DevelopmentThe City of Philadelphia and its economic development partners have a number of resources to help developers at every stage and in every neighborhood of our city. While this quick guide won’t list every resource, it is designed to point you in the right direction to get started.

PRA Services Fee ScheduleThis schedule lists the activities for which PRA charges fees and the amounts of those fees.

Credit Enhancement for Workforce HousingThis form contains a description of PRA’s Workforce Housing Program and a credit enhancement application for financial institutions and developers interested in participating.


Disposition PoliciesPRA follows the City of Philadelphia’s policies for the sale or lease of publicly-owned property.

PRA Property Application PackageDevelopers interested in purchasing properties from PRA must fill out this application package. Note: PRA does not accept unsolicited applications. Applications must be submitted in response to a posted Request for Proposals, Request for Bids, or at the instruction of a PRA Project Manager based on other allowable circumstances as outlined in the City’s Land Disposition Policies. Please visit PRA’s RFP/RFQ/Bids webpage to view current opportunities and Previous RFP/RFQ/Bids page to review past opportunities.

Instructions on Requests for Competitive Bids

Tax Status & Public Disclosure FormsThis form is a required submission for most applicants seeking to do business with PRA.

Campaign Disclosure FormsThis form is a required submission for most applicants seeking to do business with PRA.

Housing Finance 

Pre-Qualification Application for GCs and Construction ManagersIf you are a contractor and wish to be included on PRA’s Pre-Qualified List of Contractors, please complete and submit this application.

2018 PRA Cost Containment PolicyThis policy explains circumstances when affordable housing developers are required to competitively bid their projects to general contractors.

Percent for Art

A Developer’s Guide to the Percent for Art ProgramCreated in 1959, PRA had the first Percent for Art program in the nation! The program has enabled the creation of hundreds of original pieces of public art throughout Philadelphia. This document explains the program in its current form.

Percent for Art PolicyYou can review the full Percent for Art Program policy here.